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Moskilex ULTRA


Moskilex ULTRA

A repellent protecting people against mosquitos, ticks and sandflies. Contains as much as 30% DEET. It guarantees 100% efficiency repelling mosquitos and ticks for entire six hours following application.

A unique repellent with as many as 3 active pharmaceutical ingredients: DEET, IR 3535, Pyrethrum Extract.

  • The repellent specifically recommended to: anglers, forest officers, tourists and gardeners.
  • Excellent protection for persons engaged in outdoor leisure activities seeking effective protection against mosquitos, ticks and sandflies.
  • The repellent may be used on children over 12 years of age.
  • DEET (N,N-Dietylo-m-toluamid) - a repellent repelling mosquitos, ticks, horseflies
  • IR3535 - has a broad spectrum and effectiveness: repels ticks, mosquitos, sandflies, bees, used in repellents for children and people with high sensitivity
  • Pyrethrum Extract - permethrin of natural origin, a plant extract safe to mammals 

Spray evenly on areas to be protected. Apply indirectly on your face and neck - spray your hand with the repellent and then spread it on the skin, avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Do not use on plastic materials, synthetic, leather, lacquered (also in the car) and jewelry (watches, glasses).

DEET 300g/1kg, IR3535 10g/1kg, Pyrethrum Extract 2g/1kg.


Biocidal products should be used with necessary precautions.
Read the label and product information before each use.
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