Our pets are our friends. Their trust is unconditional and their love is wholehearted. We can show our appreciation by caring for our pets, playing with them and fulfilling their needs. This what DermaPharm Laboratory have been created for – professional products dedicated to our four-legged friends. We have first-hand scientists: veterinarians, cosmetologists, dieticians and chemists. They all share one passion – animals.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, safe and effective animal products.

Code of Practice
We always apply our best practices in both research and production.

Superior Quality
We know that animal products require in-depth commitment. Animals are our Friends after all, not experimental subjects. We use only first-hand quality ingredients that satisfy applicable regulations and standards. We have proprietary research and ensure continuous improvement – to make our products safe for animals and satisfactory for their owners.

Every new product is backed with prior scientific research. We use the latest knowledge in field. We aim at the true causes and meet the true needs.
We search for new directions and solutions, but above all we listen to our customers.

Our products feature tested components only. There are no colour or flavour additives causing higher allergy incidence.

We publish ingredient information, because we are proud of our formulas.

DermaPharm Laboratory was conceived out of dreams, spontaneity and know-how brought by graduates and teachers from Warsaw Technical University, Chemical Department. The low-profile startup quickly caused a stir on the market and evolved into a dynamic sales company. Today, the company features a portfolio of over 170 items. It also exports its products abroad. And, it has never discontinued its very first product – Dermacid, a human body wash which has a group of loyal followers.

At DermaPharm Laboratory, our people are our key resource. They provide the effort, know-how, competence and commitment to this highly-efficient undertaking. DermaPharm Laboratory collaborates regularly with a line of scientists and experts in animal care and nutrition. We enjoy an excellent market position among zoology and veterinary producers, we have satisfied customers and have won several industry distinctions and product prizes – the best measure of our success.

Facts and bits from our history:

1993 – established; Marek Rajza as the first President; the first product is Dermacid human body wash

1995 – Dr Seidel line of dog shampoos

1996 – Tomasz Rajza as the new President (through today); Dr Seidel line of repellents for pets; Champion dog shampoos

1997 – first sales teams in Warsaw, Łódź and Kraków

1998 – headquarters moved to Fort Wola st. (Warsaw); Sabunol – the first flea and tick repelling shampoo for dogs; Dermavet line of dog shampoos; Atick mosquito and tick repellents for humans;

1999 - sales force expansion to cover entire Poland; new partner - Provita Eurotech developing probiotics for animals

2003 – new product line: Flawitol dietary supplements for animals

2006 – Dr Seidel Foundation established to promote knowledge of animal care and diet

2007 – Dr Seidel Bernard Centre shop launched in Łódź (Poland); reworked Champion dog shampoos - expansion and a great success

2008 – 15th anniversary of DermaPharm Laboratory

2009 – new headquarters: Sowińskiego st. (Warsaw)

2010 – Fresh Line dog shampoos with conditioner

2011 – innovative line of pro-health dog snacks - Dr Seidel Snacks; Champion Professional Club launched for zoology professionals; sponsorship for new postgraduate major in animal care and nutrition at Veterinary Department, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

2012 – making a series of educational videos: Dog Grooming Guide; extending Sabunol line with new items; launching Mr. Smell line of pet urine odour neutralizers; launching dr Seidel paw wax and malt paste under Dr Seidel brand

2013 – celebration of the 20th anniversary of Laboratorium DermaPharm, moving in to a new company headquarters at 48, Polczynska St., Warsaw; extending Champion brand with a new line of treats for Yorkies; extending Dr Seidel brand with a new series of treats for cats; Moskilex for people - for protection against mosquitoes and ticks attack; introduction of a new line of eco-friendly shampoos for dogs - BioELigo; extending Dr Seidel brand with a new line of beds for dogs and cats; introduction of a new line of pet food for pigs and rabbits, moving in to a new company headquarters of Warehouse and Production in Nasielsk

2014 – extending the offer of Champion professional products with a series of cats cosmetics, extending Moskilex brand with new products, entering a roll on training treat Lick It into the market

Sales Division
The team of 7 representatives covering entire Poland and led by Sales Manager, Mr Kamil Książek.

Over 170 products for animals. 5 solutions for humans.

Austria, Czech Rep., Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Spain, Albania, Estonia, Italy, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, Portugal.


Tomasz Rajza, President of Board
Tomasz graduated from the Chemical Department, Warsaw Technical University (Politechnika Warszawska). He finished a post-graduate course in Social Psychology in Organisational Growth Management, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SGGW). Tomasz was a long-term board member for Polish Association of Cosmetologists.

Dariusz Łuka, Board Member
Dariusz graduated from the Chemical Department, Warsaw Technical University (Politechnika Warszawska). He finished MBA for Engineers at Koźminski University (Warsaw). Dariusz is also Production Director at the company.

Jacek Arct, Board Member
Jacek graduated from the Chemical Department, Warsaw Technical University (Politechnika Warszawska). He stayed at the University until 2009. Jacek is the founding member and long-lasting chairman, today the vice chairman of the Polish Association of Cosmetologists. In 2008, he joined and stayed with SOFW Journal as the editor-in-chief for the Polish issue. Jacek chairs the programme board of Dr Seidel Foundation. He co-founded the School of Professional Cosmetology and Care where in 2000-2007 Jacek acted as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of teaching and learning, and Vice Chancellor thereafter. Jacek has contributed his extensive scientific background in cosmetic chemistry.